Configuring GitHub SSO for Argo CD

The Argo CD instance ( is accessible with GitHub OAuth single sign on (SSO). This page is an overview of how the GitHub SSO is configured and is intended for Roundtable operators.

For background documentation, see SSO Configuration from the Argo CD documentation.

GitHub OAuth app and configuration

The GitHub OAuth app is called LSST Roundtable Argo CD and is owned by the lsst-sqre GitHub organization.

GitHub SSO is primarily configured through the argocd-cm.yaml patch. See the url and dex.config fields.

The client secret is configured in the dex.github.clientSecret key of the argocd namespace.

Organization-based access

Access can be limited to members of organizations listed in the GitHub SSO of the argocd-cm.yaml patch. Currently only members of the lsst-sqre GitHub organization can log in.

Dex, the OIDC component used by Argo CD, also supports limited access by GitHub team. See the Authentication through GitHub page in the Dex documentation.