How to connect to the Roundtable GKE cluster from the web or kubectl

IAM membership

Before you can directly access Roundtable’s GKE cluster, you need to be a member of the sqre Google Cloud Platform project. SQuaRE team members generally have the Owner role. Existing team members can add and edit project members from the IAM dashboard:

The GKE console

The URL for the GKE dashboard is

From the console you can view and edit the cluster configuration. Generally you will use Argo CD, at, to deploy and inspect applications.

From kubectl

To connect to the Roundtable cluster You can use the kubectl command-line tool to access the Roundtable cluster. Follow Google’s Configuring cluster access for kubectl page. Briefly, the steps are:

  1. Install the Cloud SDK.

  2. Set the project:

    gcloud config set project plasma-geode-127520
  3. Get credentials for the Roundtable cluster, creating a context in kubectl:

    gcloud container clusters get-credentials roundtable
  4. Check you access:

    kubectl -n argocd get pods

    You should see a listing of pods.