security app deployment guide

Deployment Security app status
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Type Kustomize
Parent app None


The security app is responsible for deploying security services for Roundtable, most notably Vault and all of its dependencies. It follows the app of apps pattern. It deploys:

Bootstrapping the Application

Since security is a parent app, its Application resource was not created automatically and is not managed by GitOps. We manually created the security application from the argocd CLI:

argocd app create security \
  --dest-namespace argocd \
  --dest-server https://kubernetes.default.svc \
  --repo \
  --path deployments/security \
  --sync-policy automated \
  --project default

The security Application’s properties (such as the sync policy) should be managed entirely through the Argo CD dashboard or CLI. Of course, the security manifest in Git can be modified to manage the applications that are created by the security parent application.